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As we are marching into the Holidays, it’s always better to be ahead of the game. By game, I mean the challenge of finding gifts for family and friends. So, we rounded up these gift guides for the whole family.

The Holidays last year have broken the record of online shopping and home delivery. Of course, taking the pandemic into account. And it is expected to be the same or higher for this year. So, before the items go out of stock, to ensure a timely delivery, and avoid the stress of physical shopping and public exposure, here are some gift ideas to aid you in selecting the perfect present for your loved ones.

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Gift Guide For The Baby

If this is the baby’s First Holiday, chances are, parents would go all out and would love to make this a memorable one.

Here are some gift choices from Nordstrom for the baby (gender-neutral noted!)

image 8

Gift Guide For Moms

Moms often buy themselves a gift last. They’re so busy buying and thinking of what to gift to everyone in the family that sometimes, they forget themselves. With so much to think about like Holiday decorations, food to prepare, Holiday photos, outfits for the whole family, getting the house ready, there’s just not enough time to sit and browse all day and shop. So, here’s a Gift Guide for Moms that they’ll surely love!

image 9

Gift Guide For Dads

If there’s a gift guide for Moms, of course, there’s one for Dads, too! Here are the latest and tested gifts they’ll surely want!

image 10

Gift Guide For Teens

This is by far, for me, the hardest age group to shop for. I don’t know about you, but teens seem to be pickier and prefer trendier items. My kid is not there yet, so I had to search the web high and low and find the items that they would like.

image 11

Gift Guide For Kids

Kids are the most fun to shop for gifts (in my experience!) This is the time where spoiling them is okay. This once a year event is something they’ll treasure forever and bring with them until they grow old.

image 12

image 13

Gift Guide For The Home

Buying home items as a gift is always a safe and smart choice. This is something that’s practical and will be enjoyed for the rest of the years to come.

image 14

Hoping these gift guides are able to make your holiday gifting easier! Happy Holidays! xx


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