4 Proven Bedroom Light Tips You Need to Know Now

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Bedroom is said to be our sanctuary and our personal space. And we have compiled these bedroom light tips to get your room prepped for you.

If it’s your first time decorating your bedroom, no worries, we’ll make it easier for you. No matter what your bedroom size is, these different types of lightings must be considered.

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Bedroom Light Tips
Bedroom Light Tips

Bedroom Light Tips

How to select lighting for the bedroom?

They said the darker the room, the better for when you’re resting and sleeping. But, what about during the daytime or late afternoon that you’re not yet sleeping nor resting?
What lighting do you really need?
It can be daunting when you go to the store and you have no idea of what to buy. With all the options out there, it will be very confusing, to say the least.
And if you want to create the perfect lighting in your bedroom, layering your lights is the way to go!
But how do we layer the lights? We broke it down into four different types: ambient, bedside, task, and accent lights.

1. Ambient Lighting

This can be the main source of light (aside from natural light, of course) in your bedroom. This is placed on the ceiling and the focal point of the bedroom.

There are different options for this but the most popular ones are the ceiling fans, flush mounts, and chandeliers.

Ceiling fans are very versatile as it is functional. It not only provides light but also cools down the room. This is very helpful especially during summer months. We had a smart dimmer switch for our main bedroom ceiling fan and I tell you, it is amazing! You are able to control how bright you want it to be on your phone or through Alexa or Siri.

Bedroom Light Tips, ambient lighting
Bedroom Light Tips

Also, ambient lighting should be able to lighten up majority of the room. This overhead lighting fixture can also be decorative accent. Hence, the chandeliers and flush mounts are great bedroom lights.

Chandeliers have come a long way and it adds drama to the room. However, if your room has low ceilings, this may not be a good option for you. But if you have high ceilings, you can pick a chandelier that matches the vibe you’re going for.

Bedroom light tips : Do not hang the chandelier directly over the head of your bed. It should be in the center of the room and about the lower part of your bed.

bedroom light tips
Bedroom Light Tips

For low ceilings, a flush mount is a great recourse. Choose one that can light up the room and doesn’t take so much vertical space.

Bedroom light tips : Pick a flush mount that has a covered bottom to avoid eye sore and glare. Also, having a remote is great option!

Also, floor lamps have been also placed in this category especially for some bedroom that don’t have ceiling lights. Floor lamps visually open up the space in your room.

Floor lamps are typically 3 to 6 feet tall. And there are hundreds of thousands of styles to choose from. You can place it on the bedside or on the reading nook area.

Bedroom light tips : For small bedroom that doesn’t have a ceiling light, one floor lamp may be enough. But for bigger rooms, 2 or 3 floor lamps might be needed to provide enough light and coverage.

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2. Bedside Lighting

For more bedroom light tips, having a bedside lighting helps a lot for when you’re on the bed but not yet sleeping. Sconces and nightstand table lamps are most in-demand in this category.

Bedroom Light Tips
Bedroom Light Tips

Placing a sconce on either side of the bed is an elegant choice of bedside lights. This is extra preferred if there is a limited space on the nightstand. Because it frees up the space for your other valuables such as phones, wallets, ring stand, book, and others.

Bedroom light tips : Measure the sconce from the bed and from the floor. Make sure you can reach the switch (if there is) when you’re on the bed for accessibility. And sconces with adjustable swing arms helps you adjust the position of the light.

However, if there’s ample space on your nightstand, table lamps are amazing solution for bedside lighting. Go for a matching table lamps on either side of the bed for that classic, elegant look. Or mix and match to show off your personality.

Bedroom light tips : Pick a lamp that is proportion to the size of the nightstand.

bedroom light tips
Bedroom Light Tips

3. Task Lighting

For some bedrooms, their bedside lighting is also their task lighting. This is usually true if the space is smaller and there’s no extra furniture in the bedroom like an office table or desk.

If you have a computer table, desk, or table for work or school in your bedroom, having a task lighting is important. It will provide ample light when you’re working or studying.

Bedroom light tips : Go for multi-functional desk lamps like one with USB ports and outlet or dimmer switch.

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4. Accent Lighting

As the name suggests, accent lights just highlights some part of the bedroom. You should not fully rely on this to provide light in the room. This is just an add-on.

Furthermore, if you already have the 3 layers of bedroom lighting, this can double up as decorative touches. If you have an artwork that you want to highlight, a pendant light or small wall sconce will draw attention to it.

Recessed lighting and pendant lights are also great accent lightings.

Bedroom light tips : To add more spectacle to the room, you can add more accent lighting on your vanity or closet especially if you want to display your favorite items.

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Bedroom Lighting Controls

Lighting controls play an integral part of in keeping the bedroom lights working and layered.

Having a dimmer switch on your ambient lighting can control the overall mood of the bedroom. And some dimmers have remote controls and with those, it provides convenience especially when you’re already laying down the bed and ready to snooze.

And as mentioned above, I am so pleased with our smart dimmer switch where I can control my ambient and bedside lighting to my own liking. And I can set it on my phone when I want it on or off and never forget it. One of the best bedroom light tips!

To sum up, we hope these bedroom light tips are beneficial to you and your family. Layering lights in the bedroom and having a reliable lighting control does not only make your bedroom beautiful and elegant but also convenient and reassuring. After all, we’re all here to have a good night’s sleep.

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