Spend an Amazing Day at Julian

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If you’re from San Diego and you’ve never been to Julian, I’d say you’re missing a lot! Julian, California is known for its amazing apple pies, wineries, and art galleries. So, we decided to spend a day at Julian and went to a Pumpkin patch last weekend. And we had so much fun!

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When my girl friend told me about the pumpkin patch at Julian, I said, “Let’s go!” right away. I packed my kiddo’s bag and some snacks because it was a little over an hour’s drive from us. But I tell you, it’s all worth it! Julian is so beautiful and it gives you the 80’s vibes. It’s very laid-back and full of visitors and tourists.

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At Julian Pumpkin Patch

As soon as we got there, we knew that parking would be a challenge. And the entrance line was long. But it went by fast and we were inside. Tickets are a dollar each. There was no entrance fee but you would need tickets to pay for the activities like hayrides, axe throwing, and buying pumpkins.

We took a couple of photos first then headed straight to the hayride line. There were two tractors going around the fields full of hay riders. It was not my first time nor my daughter’s but we surely enjoyed it! We went around the field and saw where the petting zoo was. So, right after the hayride, we went to the petting zoo where some farm animals were. We saw lots of sheep, goats, and kids, hens and chickens, and horses and a bull. It was an amazing experience for my daughter and her friend to pet the animals. Glad asked my kiddo to wear her boots!

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And just when we’re heading to the axe throwing, we heard the owner yelling they were about to close. We were shocked because we thought we still had plenty of time. And so my daughter pulled my hand and asked to go buy and get her pumpkins. And so we did.

At Julian Town

Overall, it was an amazing experience! But my most favorite part of all was when we roamed around the town. It was like we are in the ’80s movie scene. The structures and buildings were mostly known as cultural heritage. Also, we checked out the local stores and got ourselves the best homemade delicacies. And because it was getting cold and chilly, we had to get the apple cider drinks. I had the Cherry flavor and it was good and my friends had the hot apple cider with whipped cream and cinnamon, ah, they’re so delish!!

However, time really flies by so fast when you’re having fun. The next thing we knew, we were starving and ready for dinner. And of course, we had to google the best diners and town restaurants. We ended up going to Julian Cafe and Bakery. The line was long and the restaurant was busy. We were starting to get cold and the kids were hungry. Finally, they led us to our table and we ordered a lot. We didn’t know each meal would come with a bowl of soup and some rolls. And that was all I needed.

After more than an hour, we started driving back home. But, of course, you know, we had to get the famous Julian apple pies! The sweet apple pies are nowhere to compare. And promise to come back and spend a day and days at Julian!

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