Practice Self Care and Self Love : 17 Exquisite But Simple Ways To Do Each Day

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We’re almost three weeks in the New Year. Can you believe that? If part of your New Year’s resolutions is to practice self care and self love, here are 17 proven ways to incorporate in your day.

New Year, New You, right? But more than that, it should be “New Year, LOVE YOU and CARE FOR YOU.”

And learning how to love and care for yourself is not easy for most individuals. Especially with what the past year has brought us. But these simple things to do each day just make a whole lotta difference.

Practice Self Care and Self Love At Home

Why is practicing self-care important?

With all the current restrictions and stay-at-home orders, our home will be our safety net. Our home is our sanctuary. And this should be a place where we feel loved the most.

How to practice self-love and self-care rituals may be tedious for some. But here are some tips that are not only effortless but also proven to boost your overall well-being.

So, where do we start?

Make Your Bed

Practice self care and self love by trying to do this right after you wake up, and you’ll notice that rush of “feeling productive” already. And check these sheets out, soo comfy and affordable!

Drink Water As Soon As You Wake Up

We need to re-hydrate our body after a long slumber. It’s a great wake-me-up strategy. And stay hydrated all throughout the day. This bottle is an awesome reminder.

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Get a Break From Social Media

Social media can be exhausting. And it’s okay to be not active. Let your mind rest and put your phone down. And if you’re ready to be on it again, we’ll be here for you. Here’s our Instagram and Facebook.

Enjoy Outdoors

Nothing beats getting fresh air and getting some sun. Easier said than done especially from me who lives in the sunny San Diego, CA. But if your weather doesn’t permit that, that’s okay. Spring/Summer is just right ’round the corner!

Keep Moving

This can be a challenge for some (like me!) But to practice self care, we must be wary of our physical activities, too. A simple walk outside or even inside can be a great mood booster!

Buy “That” Lipstick

Yes, you got it right. Spoil yourself. Treat yourself to that lipstick you’ve been eye-ing for. Or any beauty product for that matter.

At-Home Spa

Take your time, this is a great way to pamper yourself. A great way to practice self care is to wind down after a long day and have a 15-min bath all to yourself.

Listen to Good Music

Good music is good for the soul. Whether you’re into pop, country, jazz, turn it up and just soak in the good vibes.

At-Home Facial

This one I learned when the stay-at-home orders started. I love this portable facial steamer. And reap the benefits of face masks (talking about beauty face masks here 😉) Hint: Best way to practice self care and self love!

Organize One Part of Your Home

Just focus on one spot in your home and dedicate some time to de-clutter and organize it. The feeling after it’s all done is just satisfying!

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Water Your Plant/s

My plants relieve my stress and anxiety. And cleanses the indoor air. You not only practice self care but also earn a great home décor.

Call Your Bestfriend or Family Member

One major thing I realized the past year is how important friendships and relationships with real people are. A simple phone call with your best friend or family member uplifts my mood and in the same way, be there for them.

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Take Your Vitamins

Your health is indeed you wealth. Practice self care and love to prioritize your health and take your vitamins. It doesn’t matter if they’re the over-the-counter vitamins or smoothies or from real whole fruits.

STOP Comparing Yourself to Others

You are uniquely you. You are special. And everyone has his or her own challenges and insecurities, but s/he learned how to accept it. And so should you.

“Be yourself. An original is so much better than a copy.”

Re-Watch Your Feel-Good Movie

The Devil Wears Prada is one of my all-time faves, but if I’m feeling a lil romantic, The Notebook is what I usually go for. What about you?

Let me know in the comments down below if you have suggestions. I’m always down for a great movie (or movie marathon!)

Read A Book

Reading a book keeps me sane. Especially a great, well-written one. I’m the type to just get in the zone and finish the book. And I think that taking time to actually do what you love is a great way to practice self care and love.

What’s your favorite book? Or book that inspires you? I remember how I used to love pregnancy books and toddler Montessori books.


Cuddle with your kid, partner, or pet

I remember my Psychology professor once said that “cuddling has a calming effect.” And you don’t need a special someone or partner to cuddle with if you don’t have one. My kid’s hug and morning cuddles energizes me enough to make my whole day a lot better!

To conclude, I hope that these 17 simple way to practice self care and self love are of great help to you.

And according to Healthline, Why You Don’t Need a Lot of Time or Money to Make Self-Care a Priority, self-care is about forming healthy habits, not simply “improving” or “treating” yourself.

And for Moms and Moms-to-be, here are Self Care Tips For The Moms That Are Stretched Thin.

Take it easy on yourself. You deserve a break. Cut yourself some slack. And learn to put yourself first. Fill up your cup first so you can pour it onto others.

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