5 Remarkable Things You Need To Do For a Better New Year

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Growing up, I’m used to saying my New Year’s resolutions. So, what are the things you need to do to kick-start your new year right? How do start your New Year’s resolutions? And how do you make it happen? If you’re going to ask if I keep mine, well, maybe some. If I’m being very honest, I’d say, half of the time.

As we say goodbye to the previous year, let us open our minds and hearts to welcome the new year. Ask yourself the right questions? What do you want to accomplish this year? What lessons did you learn from last year? Who do you want to be at the end of this New Year? Do you have New Year goals and resolutions? How do you plan on taking action?

What ever your answers are, keep it to yourself, share it out loud or to others, it’s all up to you. All that matters is how you pursue them! We only live once and why not make the most out of it.

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All great accomplishments start with having a plan. Building the pyramid, discovering a cure, or running a business empire – that’s one thing they all have in common. So how do plan on tackling the New Year? What do you need to do?

Introspect. Introspect. Ask yourself what do you really want and need.

Are you planning to start a business? Plan it out. Want to establish a career? Map it out. Thinking of embarking on a fitness journey? Start it now. Or it can be simple as do you want to spend more time with your family this year? Set your calendar for some time off from work, weather the storm if it’s already okay to book reservations and family vacations. What ever you need to do this year, write it down or create a plan board, a vision board or share it with your partner or friends.

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Yes, girl, yes! Let go of toxic lifestyle. I know easier said than done. But trust me, the negativity you’re getting off from the negative people, negative environment, negative ideas, and everything negative will (if not already) reflect on your current life. It affects everything from how you feel, how you make others feel, and how your self-esteem is.

I’m here to support you and tell you that it’s okay. Do what you need to do. If you feel and know that some people are not worth being in your life, let them go. If you feel some vibes are hindering you to be happy and successful, eliminate them! Get out of toxic relationships. I used to cling on these obstructive friendships and they just weighed me down. Just one day, through the help of my husband, I just terminated all those pessimism. And I tell you, it made my year, my week, my day very light and positive.

And for the negative vibes in your homes and rooms, one of my girlfriends advised me to burn a sage and let the energy from the nature suspend all the adversaries. This is also one thing I’m going need to do for when I move.


I’m an avid advocate of self-love, self-pampering, and self-esteem. Because I believe in loving yourself so you can love and give love to others. It’ll be hard to pour out something if you’re empty.

Investing in yourself varies. There is no one definition of how you can invest in yourself. But here are some of ideas:

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  • Spruce up your home. If your “me” time involves home organization or cleaning, then so be it. Also try this 5 Day Cleaning and Organization challenge. Change up your décor, re-arrange your furniture, light up your favorite candle, and clean up your house. Whatever you need to do to your house, do it now.
  • Learn a new skill or language or hobby. Enroll in online classes or take a Certification class. I took the Excel class and it is worth it. Some of my colleagues swear by learning Adobe Photoshop.
  • Order or have someone prepare your favorite meal. Desserts included! Food is always a great mood-booster.


If there’s one major thing I learned from my parents, it is to share your blessings. You don’t need to have a lot to share. A few change for your college student barista or elderly grocery bagger already means a lot. Or after your spring cleaning and all the things you need to do, donate all the things that can be used by others.

And if you want to go the extra mile, find and be a part of a foundation that you genuinely support.

Furthermore, if you have kid/s, be an example of this. One day, right before Christmas season, me and my daughter dropped off toys at “Toys for Tots” bins. Then, the next day, when we went to our local Dunkin’, my daughter saw a poster about giving a dollar to feed the hungry kids. Without blinking eyes, she asked me, “Mom, can I have a dollar and pointed out to the poster.”

It made me so proud even the store manager assisted her to stick the heart sticker as an acknowledgment for the donation. My Momma heart was so full of joy. I know it was a ripple effect. And imagine if you do a small act of kindness and the society passes it on or pays it forward.


Money can never buy real happiness. Money and riches are not permanent. But your family is. Your family is the one thing constant in this universe. And I thank God every single day for my family. I’m so blessed! My family is my everything. And I may wear a lot of different hats, but being a wife, mom, and daughter is what I treasure the most.

That’s why, this will always be an essential part of my year. And to kick-start my year right, this is what I need to do. I pledge to have spend more family quality time. Family time doesn’t have to be grand, but it must be on the top list of your priorities instead of focusing on other things such as money or material things.

Take a day out of the week to just be with you family. And constantly connect and check with your other family members. The Law of Reciprocity is real when it comes to your family. Whatever you do for them, it will be reciprocated. A simple text message or phone call goes a long way.

To conclude, you are the master of your life. And whatever you attract and welcome into your life will prosper. May you have a great year and receive whatever your heart truly desires. Happy New Year!

And if you’re a mom, Nahyun from Lifting Motherhood has crafted a New Year’s Resolution List. Check it out here: Are You Ready For 2021’s New Year’s Resolution List For Moms?

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