How To Paint DIY Geometric Wall Designs in 10 Easy Steps

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After moving into our new home, we know that it’s going to be bare and as my daughter says, “boring”. She knows what she wants. And she wants a paint geometric wall design.

So, one weekend, me and my husband decided to take on our daughter’s bedroom as our weekend project. Me and my daughter brainstormed on which wall she wants to be her “accent wall” and what colors does she want. And what shapes for her Geometric wall design.

Soon after, we revved up the engine and visited our local Home Depot.

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Geometric Wall Design Paint DIY

We gathered these supplies for our DIY Geometric Wall Design:

  1. Paint – We used three colors. My daughter wants a pink room so we bought two gallons of BEHR Cupcake Pink. And for the other two paint colors, we just bought a sample size. We bought BEHR Graceful gray and BEHR Noble Blush, a darker pink shade. We chose BEHR Premium in Eggshell.
  2. Paint roller set – We bought the set from Home Depot, saves you a lot! It has the 2in paint brush, 9in foam roller, and paint tray. We also have the 18in foam roller and extension pole for the whole room.
  3. Painter’s Tape – this is a must for this project! We used the regular Blue painter’s tape for the edges and the Green Frog tape for the triangle lines. Helps a ton for paint bleeding and keeping a straight line.
  4. Painter’s cloth – Or Canvas crop cloth. Another must to keep your area clean and our carpets free from paint drips.
  5. Ladder – This will help you reach those higher surfaces better especially when cleaning out the edges.


1. Pick Your “Accent Wall”

This should be a no-brainer first step for all. Find the wall you want to be your accent wall. We chose one side of my daughter’s bedroom where her headboard is situated for her geometric wall design.

TIP: Pick the wall where your eyes land first when you enter the room as is creates the whole vibe for the room.

DIY Geometric wall design Accent wall
Step 1: DIY Geometric wall design

2. Gather Your Supplies

After gathering our supplies from Home Depot (see above for the list of supplies), we’re ready to start!

TIP: See list above for the supplies.

DIY Geometric wall design 15
Step 2: Gather your supplies

3. Prep Your Accent Wall

For your geometric wall design, dust your wall and make sure it’s clean. If there are unwanted holes or cracks, use the wall repair kit to fix it first.

Start taping the wall. Tape the edges and ceiling where you want the paint to end. Cover the electrical outlets or remove the face plates. Also tape the baseboards.

TIP: Take your time taping, it makes a huge difference at the end!

DIY  Geometric wall design
Step 3 : Prep Your Accent Wall

4. Start mapping out and taping your triangles.

DIY  Geometric wall design
Step 4 : Map out your triangles.

Using the Green Froggy Tape, start taping the triangles of your accent wall. Mix sizes and use your imagination! After taping, label the triangles what paint to use in there. I labeled it DP for Dark Pink, LP for Light Pink, and G for Gray. Helps a lot when you start painting.

TIP: Plan it on a paper first to see the bigger picture as you decide which color goes where. Visualize!

DIY Geometric wall design 5

5. Start painting!

DIY  Geometric wall design
DIY  Geometric wall design
Step 5 : Paint Time

Lay your painter’s cloth on the floor and cover the baseboards, no carpet/floor should be visible. Transfer your paint onto the tray and roll your paint and start painting. Follow your colors and don’t worry about painting the tape. And make sure the room is well ventilated for the paint odor. Coat the wall twice or thrice for an even, polished look.

Also, make sure to use the right finish for your room. If it’s for the kid’s room, we recommend Egg shell. You can always ask the paint professionals when you buy.

TIP: Involve the whole crew to be a family bonding 😊

DIY  Geometric wall design

6. Touch-up the surfaces.

After painting the whole area, touch up the edges and around the outlets and ceilings with a hand brush for a more refined look.

7. Let it dry overnight.

Overnight is preferred, but if you can’t, let it dry for at least 4-5 hours.

DIY  Geometric wall design
Step 7 : Let it completely dry.

8. Peel off the tape!

DIY Geometric wall design family 3
Step 8 : Peel off the tape.

This, for me, is the most exciting part! And the most satisfying of all! Ripping off the tape will get your excited to see the finished look. Now, you can see the whole geometric wall design come to life!

9. Touch-up your lines

If there are some not very straight lines, this is the time to touch them up. And put the outlets face plates back.

10. Voila! Admire your work!

This simple geometric wall design changes the whole room’s look and elevates its visual appeal.

DIY Geometric wall design family 2 1

If you follow the 10 easy steps above, let me know in the comments down below which part is your most favorite and why. Can’t wait for you to try it! xx

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DIY Geometric Wall Designs

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