Top 10 Gift Ideas for Kids

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Holidays are upon us! And this gets everyone excited, especially the kids! And what’s more exciting is when the kid gets what they wish for! I always say this, “It doesn’t have to be expensive or pricey!” But what are the best gift ideas for kids? We asked around, did our online research, got more insights on what the kids really wish for, and we found out that these are the top 10 gift ideas for kids!

I remember when I was a kid, we only got to have brand new clothes and toys during Christmas. So, it kept us looking forward to the holidays all the time. But as years passed, things changed and thus, our priorities shifted.

If you have a kid/kids, you know that Christmas is more about them, more for them than for yourself. And I never proved that until I became a mom. It is TRUE! It is very accurate! We want our kids happy! Their happiness is our happiness! And I bet you’d do anything to make them happy.

Yes, I know, you’re gonna say, those are material things and they’re not very important. I kind of agree, just kinda. I agree that food, security, health, and education are the top-most priority for kids. But hey for gee’s sake, they are kids! They want to play, explore, learn new things, and enjoy things with their playmates. That’s what toys are for! Spend or buy whatever you think is best for you and your kid/s. And with a little help, we rounded up the top 10 gift ideas for kids.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Kids

For Girls 6-8 years old

Girls this age, I’d say, are a little hard to shop gifts for. They’re like not little children anymore but at the same time, they’re not tweens nor teens yet. You have to be in between and make sure if fits what they like and what they’re into.

And having a little girl this age gives me that edge. With a little bit more research and googling, I am rounding up the most coveted, best-selling, gift ideas for kids.

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Slime Kit – What’s better than slime? Unicorn slime kit!! My daughter received this last Christmas and oh my gosh, she was so excited! We just had to tell her not to play with it on the carpet or couch. She felt like she was doing experiments and I think it’s worth it!

Castle Tent – This dreamy, princess-y castle tent is such a show-stopper inside a bedroom. This is great not only for pretend play but also for when you need privacy for reading a book.

Walkie Talkies – These chargeable walkie talkies are awesome for when my kid wants to play outside. And because she doesn’t have a phone yet, this became our way of communicating when she was at our neighbor’s. And sometimes, she would lend one or two to her neighbor friends and they would just talk. Kinda reminds me of Stranger Things show.

Music Box – This jewelry box is soo cute! And it aids my kid to organize and keep her jewelry and accessories in place.

Bicycle – This bicycle is just the perfect size for your average 6-9 year olds. It still has training wheels for when they’re not yet ready. And this is very sturdy and of great quality!

Barbie Closet – This is the age where girls start developing their own fashion sense, their own style, and how they want to dress up. So, this Barbie closet is just amazing for them to start mixing and matching.

DIY Bracelet Kit – meant for your creative kids! Let them design their own bracelets and share with their friends. And it’s less than $15!

Instax camera – My kid received this as a baby shower present, but I never thought she’ll need it. But now that her Dad is deployed, this just came handy for when she wants to capture something and send it to her Dad. And if you’re looking for Deployment care package for a service member, click here.

Barbie Dreamhouse – Okay, this is on my kid’s wish list for as long as I can remember. And I think most girls wanted to have this one point or another. This is just so cute and I might one for myself! *laughs* We have not bought it yet, because my kid doesn’t really want us to buy expensive things for her. But this is definitely always on Amazon, Walmart, and Target’s Gift Guides and on my Top 10 Gift Ideas for Kids.

L.O.L. Surprise Dolls – Do you know a girl this age that doesn’t know or play with LOL Dolls? I think not. This has been so popular among this age group. And the price ranges from $5-$150. There’s so many choices to choose from.

BONUS!!! And I know that not every girl this age is just into playing toys, more often than not, girls tend to explore reading as an option for their play time. And in this heavy-tech era, kids are exposed to handheld devices at an early stage. So, why not make the most of it? With Amazon Kids+ , (formerly Amazon FreeTime Unlimited) kids will have access to top books, movies, and learning games.


For Boys 6-8 years old


Bike – This is the perfect size for their age! Love that it’s very sturdy and has high ratings and Amazon’s best seller.

Marvel Hot Wheels – Boys and cars are inseparable! And at an early age, this car collection is very enticing and has features like in the movies.

Scooter – For your little adventurer, this scooter will come very handy. And it’s adjustable!

Military Truck Set – Little boys like this! Complete set with trucks, soldiers, and plane.

Building Toy Set – Let your kid’s imagination and creativity shine! This STEM toy is been eyed by a lot of schools to be part of their collections.

LEGO toy – I think LEGO is a childhood staple. This space shuttle model includes Mars rover.

Beyblade Toys – Oh my, when I first saw this, I didn’t know what’s this for. And then my husband and daughter told me it’s like a top. And boys use it to battle against each other. Sounds fun! No wonder why it’s one of great gift ideas for kids and it’s less than $10!

Superhero Figures – If girls have dolls then boys have action figures. And this superhero figure is a complete set, which is great for sharing and playing with their friends.

Laser Tag Guns – This is great for playing with family and friends. It has child safety infrared emission signal which makes it safe for kids to play with. And has different colors and settings.

Superhero Cape and Mask – Make their Superhero dream come true! This comes in different characters. And perfect for their height and size. Great quality and one of Amazon’s best sellers for gift ideas for kids!

BONUS!!! Just like the girls, in this heavy-tech era, kids are exposed to handheld devices at an early stage. So, why not make the most of it? With Amazon Kids+ , (formerly Amazon FreeTime Unlimited) kids will have access to top books, movies, and learning games.

“The best toys are 90 per cent kid, 10 per cent toy, with play fueled largely by the child’s imagination.” – Josh Golin

For Girls 3-5 years old


Princess Dress-Up Trunk – Little girls love dressing up! This trunk is like an ultimate princess dream with lots of choices! It’s a plus if you get this as part of a bundle *wink*

Fire 7 Tablet – This Amazon tablet is 40% off! And packed with 1 year free subscription to Amazon Kids+ to access endless number of books, games, and movies. With camera and Parental controls. Also, it’s available in Pink, Purple and Blue.

Explorer Kit – This is an amazing kit for your little explorers!

Pretend Chef Set – I’ve never met a kid who doesn’t like pretend play. So, for your little chefs and bakers, this is an awesome set! They’re of good quality and washable.

Unicorn Plush Toy – My kid and her girl friends are obsessed with unicorn and it started around toddler time. This is very soft and just so cute!

Magnetic Blocks – Let you kid/s use their imagination and creativity! My daughter had one (she received it as a prize from preschool) and she would just build castles and schools.

Sight Words Toy – This educational toy is very interactive and lets your toddler learn sight words faster. And this is actually Amazon’s number one best selling toys for Magnetic letters and numbers.

Toy Piano – Not sure what your kid’s talent is? Let them explore and try different things. This cute toy piano has working microphone.

Radio Flyer – This tricycle has earned its name in the toddler world. Very kid-friendly. With adult supervision, it’s perfect for playing in the yard, driveway, or going to the park.

Play Tent – This all-in-one play tent is amazing for kids with so much energy. It’s portable, durable, and very easy to set-up. Add these non-toxic balls, and you’re guaranteed to an uninterrupted ‘quick’ coffee or bathroom break.

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