10 Amazing Spring Home Decor Trends To Try This Year

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As we wave goodbye to the colder months and winter time, we’re marching closer to Spring! Spring will be here before you know it. And incorporating this Spring home decor in your house makes a huge difference! It signifies new beginnings, fresher start, and happier days!

And if you have little or no idea of where to start or how to add a touch of Spring in your house, you’ve come to the right place!

We love to showcase home decor trends and inspire others! I always say, “Let us do the heavy lifting and just keep on reading.”

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Spring Home Decor Trends

Trends do come and go, and for this year, this is what we’re seeing more and more in social media, Pinterest, and of course, real life.

1. Indoor Plants and Trees

Having indoor plants brings the nature inside to create a homey, warm, and inviting living space. Multiple researches showed that having indoor plants purifies the indoor air and adds humidity to dry environment.

Sure, there are tons of indoor plants marketed today and having one or two can change the whole mood and look of the space. And if you’re still in the market for easy indoor plants, both The Home Depot and Walmart have amazing garden and nursery selections.

Spring home decor
Spring home decor

2. Fresh Floral Arrangement

If there’s one major thing we can highlight about Spring, it’s nothing more obvious than flowers. And having fresh flower arrangement at home is an instant mood booster! And researches say it alleviates stress. Plus, it’s a great home décor accent!

Spring home decor
Spring home decor

3. Front Door Floral Wreath

Floral wreath on the front door has started as our ancestors’ way to greet the guests and families as they approach and enter their homes. And been passed on to generations as home décor.

Spring home decor door wreath
Spring Home Decor – Floral Wreath

4. Blush Interior

Every time I see a blush interior, it gets me rapt. It’s like stoking my admiration for feminism and sophistication. And this is something not every one can pull off.

Spring home decor interior design of a bathroom

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5. Patio Styling

Spring and summer is not complete without staying and celebrating in your patio. This is the space where family bonds and spends time with friends to create memories.

6. Spring Artwork

Artwork create stories and ambience you’re going for. Spring artworks tend to bring excitement and happiness in one’s home because Spring signifies positive change and good memories.

7. Coastal Texture

Think of the coast, beach waves, seashells… Those spell fun and adventure. Having a touch of coastal vibes in your home creates an inviting, relaxing mood that we all look for going and staying home.

8. Pastel Tabletop and Mantle Pieces

Bring out all your Spring décors and enjoy the pastel colors!

9. Gradient Style

Spring curtains in gradient colors and styles are now being showcased in a lot of magazines and house staging. Really amazing touch of Spring inside.

10. Shabby Chic

And one simple way to elevate you bedroom interior is to change and upgrade your beddings. Shabby chic interior spells vintage romance and dreamy spaces.

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So, of all these trends, which are you trying first for this year? Let me know down below! I’m excited to know!

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