5 Home Essentials to Keep Your Home Clean and Organized This New Year

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First things first. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! As we step into the new year, keeping your home clean and organized is one of the ultimate gifts you can treat yourself.

Keep your home clean and organized

Our homes are our comfort zones, our safety nets, and where we spend time with those who matter the most to us. It should be a place we look forward to every day. And staying home most of the time this 2020, we were given more time in keeping our home clean and organized.

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The Essentials to Keep Your Home Clean and Organized


Wrapping up 2020, here are the 5 ultimate tools that we swear by that will make your cleaning and organizing way easier! (And, fun!)

1. Vacuum is your ultimate weapon to keep your home clean and organized.

I’ve shared this a million times. Keep your home clean and organized with this mighty tool. This is engineered to deep clean anywhere.

Here’s the one if you prefer an upright vacuum. It has short, stiff bristles allow deep carpet penetration to remove dirt, while maintaining performance on your wood floors.

Pro Tip: We use this robot vacuum almost daily. This keeps deep cleaning at bay. And we’re always ready to entertain friends and guests.

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2. Clear Bins

Whether it is for kitchen, pantry, bathroom, or even kids’ room, opt for clear bins in keeping your home clean and organized.

Look at your counters, tables, and shelves. If you are pleased on how they look, then, you’re doing a good job! But hey, if not, get these bins immediately and start sorting them out and tuck them in. I like the idea of keeping them away but when I need them, I can clearly see where I put them and what’s inside of each bins.

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3. Maximize storage places.

“I can’t keep my home clean and organized because I don’t have enough storage.” We all heard it. The thing is, have you maximized your storage places?

Are you using the empty vertical spaces in your closets? The back of the cabinet drawers or pantry doors? The overhead garage space?

We had this installed for extra storage in our garage for Holiday decors and other boxes. Awesome idea to keep your home clean and organized. And added these bins to our pantry.

4. Portable Spot and Stain Cleaner

I’m not gonna lie. I was hesitant to get one of these before. But one day when husband took one home and cleaned our couches, I swear, I love this Littlegreen to death!

It’s very lightweight but heavy-duty! Deep-cleaned our upholstery, bed, couches, rugs, and carpets!

5. Handheld Vacuum

I started the list with the vacuum and ending it with another vacuum. But this time, it’s T-H-E handheld vacuum.

Great for quick clean-ups, table and counter cleaning, and even greater for car detailing. My kiddo loves to use this too for when after she’s done playing and keeping her under-the-table space clean.

I hope this post has been helpful to you as it is for me. All things written are all mine and my opinion. These tools are what works best for me in keeping my home clean and organized. Thus, I’m hoping it will be beneficial to you too.

Keeping your home clean and organized should never be a burden. And so, we always strive to share the best tools we know and research more to be advantageous for you.

Cheers to a better, happier, and more glorious New Year!

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