4 Easy Steps to Decorate Your Electric Fireplace for the Holidays

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How to decorate your electric fireplace for the Holidays?

Decorate Your Electric Fireplace for the Holidays

Decorating, for me, sets everything in Holiday mood and gets me and the whole family excited for Christmas. I’ve always dreamed of having a wood-burning fireplace like those you see in the old Hollywood movies, but living in San Diego weather with our builder-grade home, I know it’s not yet possible. But, I did not give up on the dream of having the stockings up for Christmas so I got an electric fireplace. That way, I can enjoy it for the Holidays! Here are my other options, too:


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How To Decorate Your Electric Fireplace

  1. First off, we always need to make sure the canvas is clean. Wipe everything down. Remove everything on top of it.
  2. Start with the garland. Holiday garland gives all the Holiday feels! I used a pre-lit garland that I owned for years now. But, if I’m going to buy another one, I would definitely choose this one. I also added a layer of Eucalyptus garland for extra depth and mix of greens. Secure them on top with Command strips or tapes.
  3. Then, I added my Holiday décor on top of the mantle. I added my deer candle holder which I got ages ago and can’t find it online anymore. But here’s something similar. Add Christmas trees, Christmas town, reindeers, or anything you like.

4. Lastly, hang your Christmas stockings. We’ve been using these stockings for years and these chalkboard stocking holders. And there’s a ton of Christmas stockings to choose from nowadays.

And that’s it! Turn on your fireplace and enjoy the warmth and Christmas spirit!

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Decorate Your Electric Fireplace
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