3 Free Graduation Cap Toppers – Spice Up Your Graduation

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Graduation season is here! This is the day to celebrate your many years of hard work. Everyone wants to look absolutely fabulous this day. And I couldn’t agree more with you! So to show our appreciation, we designed these free graduation cap toppers printable FOR YOU. And you can pay it forward too!

The Graduation cap is not a fashion statement for it’s a symbol of something you worked hard for. It’s something you treasure forever! And needless to say, it plays a big part in the graduation photo. And with all the excitement and things to prepare for, I know that your plate is already full. So, we designed these GRADUATION CAP TOPPERS to help you on your big day! A great remembrance and souvenir for you on one of the most special days in your life! Grab your scissors and glue and let’s start!

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1. She Believes so she did it (Graduation Cap Toppers)

It is not surprising that a simple faith creates a ripple effect in life. As long as we have the faith and courage to face the challenge in life, the challenge will become part of our experience. Because a little positivity can brighten the day!

2. Follow your dream they know the way

Follow the dream you create, don’t be scared of the uncertainty. There will be many lessons in life, but life is a journey. And we can create our own destiny. When you are determined, the dream will lead the way for you!

3. Yeah!! I Did it(Graduation Cap Toppers)

Yesss! You did it! I am absolutely proud of you and don’t be shy to tell the world, YOU DID IT!!! Let the butterfly fly away from the past and chase your dream!

Download the Graduation cap toppers printable:

There are three designs here, and you are welcome to download any or ALL of them. These are PDF files, so please make sure you have Adobe installed on your computer. The PDF size is A4 size. This is easy to print at home. The Graduation cap toppers are for 8″x8″ square with a red circle in the center. The red circle is a mark for your button.

All designs are only free for personal use and subject to a commercial license, please do not re-sell the designs. You can BOOKMARK or share this page with your friends, so you can always come back to re-download the design.

If you want to use it commercially, please purchase the commercial use license here.

💖DOWNLOAD She Believes so she did it💖

💖DOWNLOAD Follow your dream they know the way💖

💖DOWNLOAD Yeah!! I Did it💖

How to print the Graduation cap toppers:

The designs are high-resolution PDF. And since the topper design is 8″x8″, it will not entirely cover the graduation cap, because most caps are 10″x10″. If you want the 9.5″x9.5″ files, please get it from the commercial license here.

  • Best Print on a Laser printer. You can you use an inkjet home printer, but there may be some quality issues. Or you can head to the shop or store like Office Depot, Costco, or even Walmart for best quality printing.
  • LARGE format: Print on A4 cardstock
  • Best print on A4 size, then set “scale” as Fit.

How to apply graduation cap toppers to your graduation cap:

  1. Print the topper and cut it. Also cut a center hole for the cap button. (use the red circle center as a guide to cut it).
  2. Place them on the top of your graduation cap.
  3. Align the printable to your graduation cap.
  4. Use craft/fabric glue to glue the printable to your graduation cap.
  5. Place your graduation cap on your head and walk across that graduation stage with a big smile!
  6. Step-by-step video instructions can see it here. Amazing Sankofa Edition showcases how to demonstrate the application.

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