Ramilo Family Photoshoot | My Top 5 Ultimate Reasons to Take Family Photos

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People always say “a picture is worth a thousand words.” And family photos are treasures!

Family photoshoot is something we do yearly, but I feel like we should do more. Photos are perfect souvenirs and essential for the years to come.

Family photoshoot ideas

And because I always post them online, I received some questions like “Why do you always do family photos even if there’s no special occasion?” or “Professional photographers are expensive, isn’t it?”

So, here are my top 5 reason why you should have family photoshoots:

1. Family photos are FUN!

Most of us love taking pictures or having our photos taken, but nothing beats having a family photoshoot. It’s just so exciting! You plan your outfits and you just pose for the camera, candid, raw, or scripted, it’s all up to you. Photos capture the dynamics and relationships that you don’t have to explain or describe. And this is a great bonding opportunity for the whole family!

Ramilo Family
Ramilo Family

2. Family photos are great to document growth.

Whenever we look back at our old family pictures, me and my husband can’t help but notice how fast our kid is growing. It’s just so special to see your kid in pictures with documented growth. Things like how she looked when she had no hair yet, or when she was just starting to stand and walk, or how genuine her smiles are, or when she started styling herself without my help at all.

Same thing for me and my husband, family photos capture how our level of comfort with each other has evolved through the years.


3. Family photos are perfect art or home décor.

Ramilo Family 1

I love hanging photos of our family not really for the guests, but for ourselves. They are our daily reminder of the “fun” we have as a family. And how we are one strong unit. It’s a constant article in our house that yells “We are a Family and we love each other.” And this is something you can never buy from any gallery or home store.


4. Family photos boost your children’s self-esteem!


It has been verified and proven by psychologists that it’s emotionally and mentally healthy for your children to physically see your family as one and to see themselves as a valued member of that unity.

In connection to my 3rd reason above, it has been concluded and backed-up by researches that children who have family photographs in the home grow up with greater confidence and sense of belonging. Family photos in the home seemingly make children feel more valued and give them a rich understanding of where they come from.

5. Family photos are forever special.


These can be passed down to our future generations. Thus, making vital family heirlooms.

That’s why, we always try to hire or ask professional and family photographers to take our family photos. We are forever grateful to those who have done it for us.

It’s true that it is not very cheap, but the value of those photos (with all my top reasons above), that’s something I can never put a price tag on.

And friends, if you’re in San Diego, CA and you want to have your photos professionally done, I highly recommend @nellieann_photography. She’s very talented and experienced with family and kids. She’s very warm and open to your own photo ideas and props.

Shutterfly is an amazing source for personalized photo albums, wall art, and other things like mugs, plates, pillows, calendars.


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