The Amazing, Easy 7-Min Everyday Make-Up Routine

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Hello beauties! I’ve been dreaming of this post since I launched this site. And finally, it is here – my go-to quick and very easy make-up routine! Gosh, I have loved make-up since the dawn of age and I can vividly recall my first ever time of hiding behind the bedroom door to put on my Mom’s red lipstick. It was glorious and made me feel so confident! I wish selfies were a thing back then so I could have documented that moment. But that’s okay, that moment made me fell in love with make-up.

Over the years, my make-up routine has changed and evolved not only the products I use but also the time it takes me to have my make-up done. There was a time where it literally took me two long hours for a full face make-up. But ladies, I am now proud to say that I got it down to a science. My whole routine takes me seven minutes top. And Imma share with you some tricks…

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Make-up Routine for Face

After I moisturize my whole face and that includes my neck, I lather on this primer, Laura Mercier Primer. I have a very dry, sensitive skin so I’m very particular and meticulous when it comes to anything I put on my face. And this primer is absolutely tried and tested. It is very hydrating and gentle on the skin. No tacky feeling at all. Get it here! And most of the time, I just use my hands to lather this on my face.

Next, I use a sponge to put on my all-time favorite foundation, Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. Nothing has ever come close yet! Buildable, great coverage, smooth, smells amazing, and long-lasting. This has been my go-to for quick make-up routine. Get it here! Partner it with Beauty blender or any high-quality sponge, you’ll get that natural airbrush effect!

For concealer, I don’t use concealer anymore. But if it’s for a very special occasion or I need to hide my dark circles and/or zits, this is what I always reach for, Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. All beauty lovers, influencers, and make-up junkies would agree. There’s just something about their formula that’s so special. It doesn’t crease or smudge or look cakey at all.

Then, I would quickly set my whole face. And ever since my friend recommended this to me, I never bought anything else. That’s it, it just makes my face way smoother but very natural. See it here too!

And for extra definition, put on this highlight on my cheeks and for my inner eye corners. This one is also amazing!!

Make-up Routine for Brows and Lips

After that, time for brows. I’m all about framing my face. I don’t really have brows so this is a big must for me. Nothing beats this one!! My brows need to match my lashes. If I don’t have my lashes fills on, I just curl my lashes with because I know putting on falsies will take me forever. And this mascara just gets the job done!

Blush is optional but bronzer is a must. I love that California glow. NARS Bronzing Powder is my ultimate holy grail!! You can find it here too. And for blush (if ever I do it), this would be it:

Last and final step would be lips. If I’m doing a special event, again this will vary. But for most days, this duo completes my look Pillow Talk Bundle. And this is another favorite for the quick, errand day for sultry, sexy look! And this is less than $10, such a steal!

Seven minutes. Time’s up! This make-up routine takes 7 minutes!! If there’s an extra second, it doesn’t hurt to fully set everything, I always use this Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray ! And voila, all done!

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The Amazing, Easy 7-Min Everyday Make-Up Routine, pearl and style

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