10 Amazon Best Beauty Finds Under $10

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Who thought you can find some of the best beauty finds on Amazon? And just under $10? At first, I thought I can only avail of the best products in Sephora and they just cost too much (for me).

The truth is there are some amazing, very affordable products that work just like the expensive (sometimes, even better). And I just can’t wait to share it with you all. You can find them at drugstores, online stores, or indie stores. But why bother to visit all 10 stores if you can get them all at once? You can find all these on Amazon. And these are Amazon’s best rated and high-selling beauty products. Very worth it! Try it and you’ll thank me, I mean, thank Amazon. And Amazon has trials, promo codes that you can try out first.

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These items were all priced under $10 at the time of writing. Product prices may change over time.

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  1. This razor is heaven-sent! I don’t have a lot of facial hair. But these razors are amazing for my brows. And because I love a nice, snatched brows, these are just perfect!

2. These sponges are the best! I thought I will only use Beauty Blender for the rest of my life. Luckily, I came across these little beauties. They’re amazing dupes.

3. Makeup Brushes set OMG! I used to buy a brush for $20. Take note, “a” brush…just one. Thus, can you imagine my surprise when I found out about this make-up brush set! And it’s a complete set. Highly-rated, ranked #1 on Amazon. And it’s under $10 (half of what I paid for a brush, tsk) These are amazing and tested on my favorite make-up products.

4. If you’re a make-up junkie, I’m pretty sure that this is not big surprise. I love these wipes on my very dry, sensitive skin. They just take all my make-up away and very hydrating. Travelling or not, these are my favorite!

5. Who loves a rosy, natural-flushed cheeks? Well, great news for you! This miracle blush is the answer to your wishes! I love Maybelline. And this comes in many shades.

6. And here’s another Maybelline entry that made it to 10 Amazon beauty finds under $10 and this glorious concealer is just awesome! This gives me back the last 5 years of my life. This product is top notch!

7. This eyelash curler tops my expectations. It’s so girly and durable And I used to think that I will never find an eyelash curler best suited for my eye shape. And this curler is just a game-changer!

8. Chapped, dry lips? Big no-no! I make sure to always have a lip balm Because I don’t always wear lipstick or lip gloss. This ensures I always have smooth, plump lips.

9. This set of Facial Face Mask !! I believe that we all deserve a pamper-me kinda day and these masks gave me just that. I put one and I feel like being treated in the spa. For quick hydration, plump, or refreshing!

10. I’m so into jade rollers lately! It’s no surprising that this will be here. Last but not the least, Jade Face Roller is my hands-down favorite of all. Someone got me one for like almost $50. Even if it’s just tenth of the price; it works just as great as the expensive one.

Please know that YOU are beautiful!!! Being comfortable in your own skin is the best form of feeling beautiful! I love makeup and amazing beauty deals, and I am still in the process of learning to appreciate myself more and accept all of me – my flaws, and all! But, you are beautiful! Always know that!

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